Research Symposium: Thursday 8 March

On the 8th of March Canterbury Scientific is hosting a unique event in the local biotech industry. In the name of industry and market research we are bringing together more than 30 clinicians and researchers to brainstorm and provide feedback on opportunities to conduct innovative new studies. The objective is to discover areas of opportunity to create new, high value biological test products in the future which could make the clinicians’ jobs easier.

Four specialists have been invited to speak and share their views and expertise in their field of research:

  • Pancreatitis: Peter George, Canterbury Health Laboratories
  • Diabetes: Juliet Gerrard, School of Biological Sciences, University of Canterbury
  • Cardioendocrinology: Chris Pemberton, University of Otago, Christchurch
  • Angiotensinogen: Aiwu Zhu, University of Cambridge / University of Shanghai

Peter George, Canterbury Health Laboratories

Juliet Gerrard, University of Canterbury

Chris Pemberton, University of Otago, Christchurch

Aiwu Zhu, University of Cambridge/University of Shanghai

Canterbury Scientific has succeeded in building a fast growing business modelled around haemoglobin test products for diabetes. We are now well underway with research into tests around angiotensinogen which will likely result in the development of similar products to aid in the diagnoses of conditions related to high blood pressure, including pre-eclampsia. Much of our success comes down to the relationships that we have developed with other scientific specialists in Canterbury and around the world – and we look forward to strengthening those local bonds at this event.

The Symposium will kick-off at 3:30 and will run for approximately 5 hours, including dinner and drinks. It is expected the audience discourse between theory and practical applications will keep the evening quite lively!

Dr Neil Pattinson

Published on Tuesday, March 6th, 2012, under Blog