Hemoglobin Controls

Hemoglobin is an inherently unstable molecule that spontaneously transforms to alternative forms that render it invalid as an analytical standard.

The know-how that has made Canterbury Scientific world experts in the field arose from long international experience. One of the founding directors, Professor Robin Carrell, FRS, FRSNZ, FRCP, ScD, is the acknowledged world expert on the stability of human hemoglobin and received his training in the MRC Abnormal Hemoglobin Unit in Cambridge England.

Dr Maurice Owen, BSc(Hons), PhD, BD, FACB, also spent time training and working with this unit in Cambridge. The expertise that was brought to Christchurch with further enhancements is the basis for the successful achievement of the stabilisation of hemoglobin in a form suitable for transport, storage, freezing, thawing, refreezing and rethawing with the maintenance of precise and accurate electrophoretic and chromatographic integrity. Our first glycated hemoglobin control was produced over 30 years ago and featured enhanced stability as well as the use of non-diabetic blood – avoiding ethical issues around using blood from diabetic donors.  Since that time the technology has continued to advance significantly with a constant investment in R & D.

Our Hemoglobin products include: