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HbF+A2 controls 
For β-thalassemia testing 

Available in HbF+HbA2 Bilevel Control and HbS variant in the Level 2 control.  


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HbF+HbA2 Bilevel Control with HbS in Level 2 for Detection of β- and δβ-Thalassemia

Normal adult blood contains mainly HbA, less than 0.8% HbF, and a small percentage (less than 3.3%) of HbA2 (α2δ2). The estimation of the relative amount of HbF is a very important aspect in the diagnosis of homozygous β-thalassemia in all its forms. It is also necessary for the diagnosis of the homozygous and heterozygous states for β-thalassemia and the different varieties of hereditary persistence of foetal hemoglobin (HPFH). The level of HbF in β-thalassemia minor is usually normal, but some 30% of cases have elevated levels usually up to 1.5%, and occasionally above 3%.

These controls have an unopened shelf life of 3 years when stored at 2° – 8°C with open vial stability of 4 weeks when stored at 2° – 8°C. These are designed for ion exchange HPLC and electrophoresis methods.

These controls are CE-marked.


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