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Canterbury Scientific, the leading global OEM supplier of high quality, stable IVD Controls and Calibrators for diabetes and hemoglobinopathy assays.

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HbA1c controls, linearity sets and calibrators 
For diabetes testing
HbFASC/A2 controls 
For hemoglobin Variant Testing
HbA2 controls 
For β-thalassemia Minor Trait testing
HbF+A2 controls 
For β-thalassemia testing 
Serum and Plasma Controls


For more than 30 years, Canterbury Scientific has been a leading, global OEM developer and supplier of high quality IVD Controls and Calibrators for diabetes and hemoglobinopathy applications. Established by the founders, Professor Robin Carrell, Bryce Hawkins and Dr Maurice Owen in 1985 to develop and supply the highest quality controls and calibrators for QC of diabetes analysis systems across a range of methodologies, the defining achievement came in the discovery of techniques to ensure the longest possible closed and open vial stabilities without the need for freezing. The Company has continued to develop its specialist products to the requirements of its customers across a range of hemoglobin analysis methods.

We are a specialist OEM developer and supplier with extensive experience in our field offering standard and custom products across the full range of assay types in the diabetes and hemoglobinopathy analysis market. We offer product in bulk or in fully kitted formats. Our flexibility, commitment to quality and experience working with customers of all sizes and in all geographies makes us the ideal partner for those looking for controls and calibrators, on existing and newly developed systems. 

We operate under ISO13485:2016 standards and to cGMP regulations. We have products listed with the FDA (510k) and with the CE Mark and support our customers with their regulatory registration requirements globally.


Canterbury Scientific is committed to the development of innovative and effective non-sterile invitro diagnostic products. As an OEM producer, the company is focused on the design, development and manufacture of products to our customers’ specifications to meet or exceed expectations and requirements.


The Company operates according to a Quality Management System, promoted and supported actively by the Management Team and embraced by the entire company. The focus is on continuous improvements, communications, and measurable quality objectives.


Meeting customer, legal and regulatory requirements in the delivery of products sits at the core of our policy and periodic Management Review meetings ensure appropriate monitoring and update to quality policy and systems.




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